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Floating Light Bulb

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This astonishing and spectacular Floating Lamp will leave you speechless!

The bulb floats in the air as if by magic above its wooden base, defying the laws of gravity. A levitating bulb that rotates continuously on the spot. The Floating Lamp is an object of curiosity, a scientific experiment and a work of art all at the same time, a source of light and an extraordinary experience. Your guests will not believe their eyes!

It is able to hover in mid-air using an innovative magnetic technology integrated into its base. Combining minimalist design and magnetic magic, the Floating Lamp makes the ultimate conversation piece and the perfect design gift for any home or office.

How do I levitate the Floating Lamp?

Gently lower the bulb over the centre of the magnetic base. The LEDs will start to light up and you will start to feel an upward resistance.

When the bulb is positioned exactly at the centre of the base, you will feel a gentle release. The electro-magnets will automatically centre the bulb in position.

Slowly let go of the bulb and it will lock in position, light up and rotate slowly.

Turning On & Off

Turning on & off your Floating Lamp is as simple as touching the surface of the base. The light will turn on or off, while the levitation will remain intact.

Our capacitive touch sensor is where the magic happens. Our switch feels effortless and smooth, just like touching wood.